Her Life Counts¬†came out of the experience of finding out who I was in Christ after witnessing my daughter fight for her life twice. It was like something I’ve never experienced in my life, she suffered such deep dark pain and as her Mom it was very difficult to see her tremble many nights.

It was in those moments that God spoke to me and said, “Vera, there’s work to do. There’s so much more I require of you.”

I knew in those precious moments that my life counts, it truly counts for eternity. I’d love to invite you to join the journey into living the biggest most expansive life that God has for you.

The Reason Behind The Book… Tori’s Story

My Daughter’s Health Battle

This Is The First We’ve Discussed Her Battle

Ever since this battle we have changed a lot in our lives, I’m personally working on becoming stronger in all parts of my life because this life counts. There’s no repeat to this life and in the end it’s just us before God, I want to be able to know that I did everything I possibly could to make an impact on this earth. It is my prayer that you do the same by embracing that you are worthy of the biggest most beautiful life possible.


Vera Raposo 
Author – Her Life Counts